Welcome to Akrylkunst.dk

Welcome to Akrylkunst.dk

Hi my name is Brian Kristensen, I'm an artist from Denmark, and this is my international page. I'm married to my lovely wife for 25 years now. We have 4 kids together.


In 2010 I got a depression because of to much stress in my work as a Software developer. I always loved to draw faces with charcoal and pencils, so I used my knowledge in this area to start painting portraits of old artists like Chaplin etc.

This was a nice relief for me to have this as a hobby, but I wanted to go further because this helps my stress relief and me.

I'm also working on art with faceless people or with mask, to illustrate how i sometimes feel.

I learned to take on a mask in order to please my friends, colleagues etc. In the past I had problems in showing my true feelings, now I learning to take of the mask and rest my empty face in order to heal my depression.

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If this sounds cool then wait till you see my paintings.

I hope you like them as much as I do, all my work is painted with passion and I'm sure you can feel it.

Kind Regards
Brian Kristensen
Family man and an artist

Some of my creations

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KvindeSpejling [48x36 cm.] - Pris: 839,- kr. At holde fast i en tanke [60x40 cm.] - Pris: 1599,- kr. Tankespindet [60x80 cm.] - Pris: 2239,- kr. Sindets labyrinter [60x80 cm.] - Pris: 2239,- kr. Hunde kram [80x80 cm.] - Pris: 2559,- kr. Det falske smil [60x80 cm.] - Pris: 2239,- kr.Rasmus Seebach 2 [20x20 cm.] - Pris: 689,- kr. Gamle Hænder [40x40 cm.] - Pris: 1279,- kr. Marty Feldman [25x25 cm.] - Pris: 799,- kr. W.C. Fields [60x60 cm.] - Pris: 2069,- kr. Mathilde i Nørreskoven [50x50 cm.] - Pris: 1729,- kr. Forelsket [40x40 cm.] - Pris: 1379,- kr. Enlig Blomst [80x60 cm.] - Pris: 2419,- kr. Hvorfor skjuler du dit ansigt [30x30 cm.] - Pris: 959,- kr. Gøg og Gokke [80x60 cm.] - Pris: 2419,- kr. Kærligheden udholder alt [30x30 cm.] - Pris: 1039,- kr. Pilot [30x40 cm.] - Pris: 1209,- kr. Cristiano Ronaldo - CR7 [40x40 cm.] - Pris: 1379,- kr. Gøg og Gokke Violin [50x50 cm.] - Pris: 1729,- kr. Maskevalg [80x60 cm.] - Pris: 2419,- kr. Marilyn Monroe [100x100 cm.] - Pris: 3459,- kr. Buster Keaton [60x80 cm.] - Pris: 2419,- kr. Charlies plejebarn [60x80 cm.] - Pris: 2419,- kr. Gøg og Gokke - Flammen [100x100 cm.] - Pris: 3199,- kr.

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